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You will be charged an initial non-refundable inspection fee of one-hour labour together with a call out fee where applicable. Initial charges to be paid in BACs prior to call out/delivery or in cash on booking into our workshop. Once paid, JFA have 30 days to attend the appointment. Where the appointment has not taken place due to a delay caused by J F Associates you will be reimbursed the full inspection fee. Where J F Associates are booked to attend and the customer wishes to cancel, providing the engineer hasn’t attempted a failed visit you will be reimbursed the initial inspection amount. 
J F Associates are unable to return or cancel parts to any supplier once ordered unless received faulty or damaged. If you request or proceed with a quotation the balance due for parts is payable on go ahead to secure the part order. Once an order is placed it cannot be cancelled and therefore if you terminate the repair you would be liable to cover reasonable losses to the company on the order and therefore you would not be entitled to a refund or reimbursement.  If parts are delayed longer than 30 days or no stock confirmed once order is placed, we will process a refund or reimbursement of the particular part costs along with additional labour not yet carried out.
Parts are supplied with 30-day guarantee from the time of ordering from the supplier; remotes, cosmetics/plastics and accessories are excluded from this as a general rule but can be confirmed on a case by case basis. If a part fails within 30 days of previous job booking date and is confirmed a manufacturing fault when bought into our workshop would be repaired free of charge. If faults occur and the part previously replaced is not at fault a repair report quotation would be provided. 
Please be advised that, to complete a repair, we may be required to reset your unit and/or update the software/firmware of your product. The repair to your unit or replacement of parts may result in the loss of personal footage, passwords and modified updates. J F Associates disclaims all liability for the loss of such data and any other consequential loss or damage unless the loss is caused by our negligence. It is your responsibility to ensure all data has been backed up prior to repair. Illegal material may be passed onto the police. Condition notes of your product will be made for you to sign on collection/delivery in your home and workshop. 
Your product on repair will be returned to original specification factory settings. This may include (but is not limited to) return to region code on specific products, specialist set up and factory settings. Please include your remote control but do not send other accessories with individual items of equipment, unless specifically requested to do so. 
On receipt of your product, once fault confirmed, tested and diagnosed, a quotation will be raised and provided to you by telephone, SMS or email within 10 days. Where a quotation is given verbally it will be followed up in writing via SMS or email or letter. You may be notified, that until fitted we cannot test further and therefore you may incur an additional quotation before we proceed. In all cases, once the quotation is accepted the balance is to be paid for us to order parts. If you accept the quotation terms and then decline further quotations or confirmation that a part required is no longer available resulting in the repair not being completed the initial charges and monies paid up to that point are non-refundable as we are unable to return parts to suppliers and would be used to recover incurred reasonable losses. If there is no fault apparent, your product will be returned to you / you will be notified to collect your product. 
Once a quotation is accepted, we will endeavour to complete the repair within our target turnaround of 10 days subject to spares availability, but we cannot guarantee a completion date. Once a repair has been completed, we will confirm to you either by telephone, SMS or email to confirm, please do not turn up unannounced as your item may not be ready and we do not always have an engineer available to assist you. Outstanding payments are to be settled in full prior to collection/delivery. 
While every effort is made to provide customer satisfaction, we cannot guarantee that other fault may not develop in the near future or even on the same day. If you decide to collect a unit from us which was originally collected and uninstalled by JF Associates, we cannot be held liable for any damages in transit or faults/damages that occur through improper installation or transportation.  
Charges : Under 5 year old Audio units and TV’s up to and including 32” incur a workshop booking fee of £48 inc VAT or call out fee of £72 inc VAT. 33” – 55” TV’s incur a workshop booking fee of £60 inc VAT or call out fee of £120 inc VAT. 56” and above incur a workshop booking fee of £96 inc VAT or call out fee of £180 inc VAT.

Audio equipment over 5 years old will incur a £96 inc VAT booking fee; if repair or investigation exceeds this amount an quotation would be provided before we proceed. Payments to be made payable by BAC’s further details on request.

Warranty Terms and Conditions 

These are unaffected & remain with your warranty provider, unless we provide a chargeable repair, then we will give 30 days’ warranty on the parts fitted only. If your product was to fail within 30 days, we would inspect in our workshop free of charge. If the problem is related to the parts fitted the repair will be covered free of charge, however if the problem is confirmed to be with a different part a repair quotation will be provided before we continue.   Please see manufacturer warranty terms and conditions for call out or workshop where applicable
Quotations : Following issue of a quotation, if we receive no further confirmation, we will contact you a second time, in writing, 10 days later. If we again receive no response, we will write to you a further 10 days later. If there is no response from this final communication within 10 days from the letter date, the product will be disposed of. 
 After refusal of a quotation, you will have two options;  1) You can elect to collect the item or, we can return to you at a charge if not collected from you initially. Or  2) You can authorise J F Associates to arrange disposal (we will request this confirmation via a recorded phone call, letter or email). 
 Any handling / inspection fee will not be refunded. 
Escalation Process : We trust that the above information will be of use to you. However, if you should have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will endeavour to assist. 

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